Here's Johnny.....

Here's Johnny

So who on earth is the splendidly titled: Toppermost Entertainment?

Introducing  ME! (Johnny/Mister T/Baldy...) - a magical, musical, juggling, slapstick, over-acting, jazz-hand waving, all singin' and dancin' entertainer who has been delighting audiences for longer than a really long thing.

For over 200 years I have flounced around as an entertainer/children's entertainer/actor/juggler/arty type shouty mouth, which has taken me across the UK, Europe and U of SA. During this time I have performed in a variety of locations: TV, theatre, holiday parks, theme parks, local parks, festivals, restaurants, shop openings, shop closings......

Here's just a small selection of my media coverage:

'Genuinely funny and impressive' Worthing Herald

'Splendidly Slapstick' The Stage Newspaper

'Johnny Who?' The Bedfordshire Clanger

And here is a selection of what actual human people have said:

'What did you used to do in the old days' A misguided child.

'aren't you getting a bit old to be doing this?' A misguided adult.

'The best entertainment in town' A person who clearly knows what he's talking about. Clearly. (thank you Volker).

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ITV, Sky TV and Wembley Stadium are just some of the places I haven't appeared. However, I have been on BBC, CBeebies and Channel 4 Roadshows..............