Terms and Conditions

1 - The fee (less deposit) is payable 7 days prior to the performance.

2 - In the event of cancellation the following conditions apply:

    (i) provided the performance is rebooked for another date within 30 days, convenient to both parties, a cancellation fee will not be charged.

       (ii) Should the performance be cancelled within 7 days of the engagement date the full fee will be payable.

       (iii) Should the performance be cancelled more than 7 days before the engagement date, 50% of the full fee is payable.

3 - Toppermost Entertainment reserves the right to take another booking for the same period if a deposit (non-refundable) is not paid within 24 hours of booking confirmation/remaining balance is not paid 7 days before date of show booking.

4 - In halls and larger venues please allow 30/45 minutes before, and 30 minutes after the performance to allow Toppermost Entertainment to set up/clear away.

5 - Please ensure there is on-site parking or a reserved space by the venue (for the duration of the entertainment) for Toppermost Entertainment to load/unload equipment/park during show, (supermarket car parks etc/double/metered parking is not suitable). On arrival at the venue, if this facility is not available Toppermost Entertainment reserves the right to change the start/finish time & perform a shorter/amended show - the full fee will still be payable.

6 - You will be liable for any parking fees incurred by Toppermost Entertainment attending at your event.

7 - Please ensure there are at least 2 responsible adults in attendance at all times.

8 - The show will be performed indoors unless otherwise agreed beforehand.