Toppermost Top Tips For A Successful Party!

- Please avoid scattering loose balloons over the floor before children arrive. This can encourage boisterous behaviour, and some children find popping balloons quite frightening;

- It is a good idea to hang up balloons at the entrance to the party venue to help parents (and Johnny!) find you;

- When sending out invitations if you mention there will be a magician/entertainer, this often helps to get everyone to arrive on time;

- Putting arrival time 15 minutes before showtime is also a good idea;

- Please ensure there is on-site parking with a space as close as possible to the venue for Johnny, as parking difficulties can cause delays;

- If it is practical why not have two cakes - one to blow out the candles and the other pre-cut ready to give out at the end (this saves you time and energy on the day!);

- On arrival at venue please try and leave a suitable performance area clear (if there is any type of stage, that'll be the best space to keep clear);

- Babies and toddlers should be kept under close supervision during the entertainment;

- When sending out invitations it is a good idea to include a checklist for parents to indicate whether their child is vegetarian, and also if they have any food allergies;

-Drinks in cartons with straws, and food in packages help to reduce spills and waste (and means less work for you!);

- Please avoid serving food and drink during the performance as this causes lots of mess and disruption;

- If you are unsure about any aspect of the event planning, please feel free to contact Johnny.

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