(available all year round!)

all across Sussex, Surrey, London, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Hampshire...and beyond!

  • Magic/Disco Shows - 30 minute/45 minute/1 hour/2 hours...
  • Immersive Shows - 20 minutes
  • Pantomime - 20/30 minutes
  • Father Christmas
  • Mobile Elf Service - 10-15 minutes
Santa Claus

Christmas Comedy/Disco Show - 30, 45 minute, 1 hour & 2 hour shows

If you are looking to make your Christmas spectacular, then you could do no better than inviting Mister T along. Celebrate the yuletide season this year with a Christmas cracker full of wonderful goodies which will bring laughter and joy to your event. Mr T's unique pantomime style shows will have children and adults roaring with laughter at his slapstick silliness.

The longer show will have a mixture of party favourites and classic Christmas tunes - with all the silly dancing lead by Johnny!

Santa Claus/Father Christmas 
Invite Santa Claus along to your function, party, store, shopping centre....and he will bring lots Ho! Ho! Ho! fun and Christmas wishes for everyone!

Johnny and the magic Beans - a One-Man Pantomime! (20/30 minute shows)

Oh Yes It is!

A one-man pantomime performance, loosely (very loosely!) based on Jack and the Beanstalk, featuring elements of storytelling, slapstick, magic, juggling, music, dance, and of course LOTS of involvement from the children. Johnny, an experienced pantomime performer himself, can bring all the fun of a pantomime to your venue.

This show has more silliness, than a really silly thing (which is a thing that is really silly) - so if silliness is your thing, then this thing is almost definitely your thing.

The Amazing Christmas Pudding - 20 minute Immersive Theatre Style (maximum numbers: 30 children)

A lively practical interactive performance using drama games, mime, movement and lots of acting. Every child is involved in a tale based around an amazing, and massive Christmas pudding, which is full of gooey ingredients!

children are encouraged to explore using their imagination

Mobile Elf Service

Would you like to receive a visit from the Christmas elf during December?

Your wish is his command!

What's more he will come bearing gifts for your little one.

During the 10-15 minute visit he will perform some magic, and generally be very silly. Your child will then help him perform a trick - making a card appear. They will then keep the card AND magic wand they helped perform the trick with.

This popular gift-giving service is only available for a short period though: weekdays during December up to 24th (the week leading up to Christmas gets very busy!). It is currently available in 2 areas: A radius covering Chichester, Horsham and Brighton areas & Bedfordshire/Hertfordshire areas.

Toppermost Christmas Elf

These yuletide performances are just thing to prepare boys and girls (and mums and dads!) for the visit of Christmas.

santa claus