Schools & Organisations

  • 1 hour magic shows: 5+ years
  • 45 minute magic shows: 4+ years & pre-schools
  • 30 minute magic shows: 3+ years
  • 20 minute immersive theatre shows: 4+ years (these can be added together)


Magic 'n' Mayhem Show - 30, 45 minute & 1 hour shows

As well as private functions, Toppermost Entertainment is also very popular with schools, pre-schools & organizations.

The energy-packed Magic 'n' Mayhem show is full of bright and colourful magic, wacky juggling, plate-spinning (lots of volunteers are always required for this), elecro-acoustic ukulele, puppets, music, action dancing, slapstick.....all wrapped up in pantomime style shows.

Because of Mister T's experience performing for a wide range of audiences, and mixed age groups, you can rest assured of a great show specially designed for your event: Whether it's a Christmas party, Halloween treat, summer end of term fiesta, or just a get together - this popular show is ideal at any time of year.

It is also possible to perform shorter shows depending on the requirements of your event - just contact Johnny to discuss what you have in mind before booking.

Plate spinning

Mission to Planet Toppermost - 20 minute Immersive Theatre Style (maximum numbers: 30 children)

A lively practical interactive performance using drama games, mime, movement and plenty of acting!

Professional entertainer and qualified aerobics instructor Mister T, ensures every single child is involved for the duration of this fantastic fusion of fitness and laughter.

During the health and fitness adventure, children have the opportunity to use their imagination, and express themselves in a fun and safe environment.

The Massive Marmalade Sandwich - 20 minute Immersive Theatre Style (maximum numbers: 30 children)

Another lively and practical performance, involving every single child in a tale based around a massive sandwich full of sticky marmalade (hence the title!).

Children are encouraged to explore using their imagination and creativity with movement, play and speech.

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