Is there a maximum to the number of children at your shows?

No, but it is advised that there at least 10 children to help create a great atmosphere for the Toppermost show.

Is there a deposit?

Yes there is a non-refundable deposit payable - this secures your booking.

Are you operating covid safe procedures?

yes - All equipment is disinfected,; when volunteers help they are in their own magic area, where they use cleaned props (and  collect prizes).; safe distances are observed; windows will be opened for ventillation.

This is the first time I've planned a party can I ask for advice?

Well of course! Johnny is always happy to impart advice by phone or email right up until the day of the party (after booking you receive toppermost party tips).

Should I blow up balloons for children to play with at the start of the party?

There is no need for this as it can encourage children to be disruptive, and can be quite frightning for young children. Popped balloons lying around can also be a health & safety hazard. 

I've had a Mr T show before will it be the same?

No (unless you want the same show of course). After many years experience he has developed MANY different shows for all ages - so you have a large choice of shows

Do I need to provide prizes?

No, Mr T provides all prizes for the games and competitions, which are awarded at the end of the party.

Do you need a parking space on site or next to venue?

As Mr T has a lot of equipment to load/unload it is essential the venue has this facility for him to use for the duration of his stay - this is a condition of booking.

Is Toppermost Entertainment Enviromentally friendly?

Yes - many jokes are recycled during the shows.

Has anyone ever told you, you look a bit like Harry Hill?

No. you're the first.


 Phone Mr Toppermost

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